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Become a reseller! For $44.95 a month, you can enjoy these features:
  • 200GB/month bandwidth transfer
  • 50GB Disk space
  • 100 Add-on domains
  • 500 POP3 mail accounts
  • 200 SQL databases
  • WHM Interface to create and manage hosting accounts under you
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If you're looking to get into selling web hosting or recommending a host company for your clients... here is the good news: you're not too late. Fortunately, right now most of the web hosting out there is horribly unstable. Buyers are switching from one web hosting company to another because their needs are not being met -- not even close.

If you're already selling web hosting, you're probably tired of excuses, and sick of apologizing to your clients. "Why can't anyone provide the service my clients deserve?" We can! Just look at KC Webhosting's features and solutions.

Build long-term relationships by exceeding client expectations (make their websites faster and more reliable). Do this and your clients will pay you month, after month, after month and recommend you to associates and friends -- the wonderful FREE 'word-of-mouth' advertising.

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Experience the speed while navigating the control panel, setup a test website, and you'll quickly start believing. Once the flawless perfection has you believing... start selling, and watch the storm of client referrals ignite your sales.

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